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Weight Watcher’s Links

There is a vast amount of Weight Watchers information found online.  Here are the websites that I have found to be very helpful.  If you know of any site or list that I don’t have on this list, leave me a comment I would love to include them!

WW has so much information on their website.  To access most of it, you have to have a membership though.  Since I don’t like to spend too much money, I just know about the free message boards.  Message boards are a wonderful place to find lots and lots of yummy recipes.

This lady has sooo much information!  She has awesome food lists with point values, message boards, restaurant lists, success stories, and much much more.

Have you ever wondered about the nutritional information for Aunt Sally’s Chocolate Chip?  Wonder no more.  Just become a member of this website (no cost!) and enter the recipe ingredients and amounts.  When you finish it will tell you the nutritional information which can be calculated to Weight Watchers Points.

This website has TONS of restaurants listed with nutritional information. It also has “unofficial” points calculated.  I have found most of them to be very accurate.  The cool thing that this website has is Brands.  They have a huge database of food items so you can see how many points/calories it is before you go to the grocery store.


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These are great sites! I wanted to let you know of another great website that I’ve used for WW. it’s It’s an absolutely amazing site! Thanks so much for all your posts! I love your blog!

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