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Happy Veteran’s Day!!
November 11, 2008, 10:38 pm
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So, I’m late with this post… I never used to be behind or late with anything… but here lately, it seems like that is all I am…

So, today is Veteran’s Day.  It’s a day for us to honor all of the servicemen (and women) who have served and defended our country.  They have basically volunteered to go into service and fight so that you and I may lead free, safe lives.  For this, I am eternally grateful.

I have the pleasure of being related to two amazing veterans, my dad and my grandpa.

My dad, enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school and served for quite a few years.  He served in Kuwait during the first Desert Storm.  Here’s his picture from boot camp.  (I love his big black glasses.  He never wore glasses like this in real life, that’s why I think they are so funny.  Apparently, they aren’t even real glasses.  The photographer just has them for people to wear in the pictures.  They don’t even have lenses in them.)

Here’s another picture of my dad (and me).  This was right after he finished a deployment of 6 months in Okinawa and was about to leave for Kuwait.

My grandfather, Pa as we call him, also served.  Pa also enlist pretty soon after he graduated high school also.  He enlisted in the Navy.  He served during the Korean war.  Here’s one of his Navy pictures…

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may even remember my post when my best friend had her baby?  Her husband had been deployed and could only watch the birth of his first child, a baby girl, via webcam.  Ty just came home a few weeks ago, safe and sound.

I also have 4 great-uncles who served in varies wars throughout the years and made uncountable sacrifices during their military careers and their lives.

One thing that I do urge all of you to do, regardless of your feelings about if we should be at war with Iraq or not, just thank a Veteran or a Soldier whenever you see them. 

To all the Veterans and Soldiers, I thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you.


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How funny about the glasses! Great post. I do not support the Iraq war but that doesn’t mean that I do not have the utmost respect for the men and women who are serving there. We spent the day with T’s dad and when he talks about the Vietnam war I just cant imagine what that feels like to be so far away from home baring such an incredible burden for your country. Isn’t it wonderful that technology can connect your friend and his new baby. Aaawwww…

Comment by CB

Happy Veteran’s Day. This was such a great post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Comment by Stephanie

This was indeed a great post. Thanks for sharing. Both of my grandfathers served, and also my husband. Most people think of veterans as old, but my husband served in the Navy for six years and got out, so in truth he is a veteran too. 🙂

Comment by Julie

This is surely a great tribute to veterans and it seems that in today’s world most people your age do not give much thought to honoring these special ones in our lives. This became very real to me during World War II and made a lasting impact on me. I am so proud of you for writing this on your blog as it also seems to me that most folks aren’t very patriotic anymore and this causes me to feel sad. Love You!!!

Comment by RoRo

I want your readers to know that handsome sailor is the man I married – isn’t he dream dreamy? And after 57 years of marriage I still think so!!!

Comment by RoRo

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