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Halloween!! Just a few days late…
November 5, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Okay, I know, I know, this post is incredibly late… but life keeps getting in the way.  So pretend like today is last Saturday or Friday, then it won’t seem so late. 🙂

So, I talked most of my co-workers into dressing up for Halloween.  It seems like our office needs to have a little fun, and I thought a Halloween party would be just the trick.

So from left to right: Me: An 80’s girl, the photographer cute off my amazing high heels I wore with my neon leg warmers, Jennifer: A tree, she even had a squirrel running up her leg!, Steve: a farmer, Brenda: Mrs. Clause, and Kyla: an old hippie.

Here’s an upclose of my “fabulous” makeup.  I don’t remember the 80s very much (since I was born in ’84, I was pretty young…), so did I get the trends right?  Side ponytail with scrunchie, mismatch earrings, blue eyeshadow (lots of it), pale lipstick and bright blush?

On thing we’re good at in our office, is  bringing food for parties!  I think we had enough food to feed 20 people, at least!

I decided to add some more fun and give spooky names to everything.  Here are my “Goblin Eyeballs” aka, dyed deviled eggs.

I also brought “Bones and Blood from the Crypt”.  They were Pilsbury breadsticks cute to make look like bones and marinera sauce.

To close, here is two co-workers interpretation of American Gothic.  Thanks Julie for photoshopping the background!!


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Looks like you all had a ton of fun! 😀

Comment by Julie

Love your costume! Darn the photographer for cutting off your heels. I wanna see! Your goblin eggs are so awesome. Might have to remember that for next year myself. 🙂

Comment by CB

I forgot that you are younger than my baby sister. It is amazing how we all sort of equalized as JK’s even though we have a pretty big age spread.

I definitely have to remember the tree costume. It would be so easy, and very me….especially with the squirrel!

Comment by zebe912

Nina, you are so freaking cute. 🙂 I wish I had seen all these ideas BEFORE Halloween! I’m totally saving them for next year! I’m loving those “Goblin Eyeballs!”

Comment by Alanna

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