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Pool-Time Birthday Cake
July 30, 2008, 9:51 am
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Last week John and I were at his Dad’s house and I was talking to Hannah about her upcoming birthday party.  She told me all about the pool party they were planning and the crafts they were going to make.  Then I asked about the cake.  Patti (John’s stepmom) mentioned that she thought about making and icecream cake (The one with ice cream bars and magic shells…. ohh I should make that soon.) But she didn’t seem too excited about it.  All of a sudden a light bulb went off and she said “Nina, you make cakes!”  I laughed and said I’d be happy to help.

So, yesterday Hannah came over and we made her cake.  She helped with everything, mixing the batter, molding the figures, piping the grass… the entire idea was her idea too.. I just helped with technique ideas.  Patti dropped Hannah off at my house around 11:30 at 5:30 we took her home with this!!  The party will be held in their back yard and will include swimming in their Blue Blob pool.  There will be 7 girls total at the party (Hannah and Amanda and 5 friends).


If you look close you can see the “earthquake”.  The car ride wasn’t so kind to the cake.  Next time I make a cake, I will definetly bring some extra icing for patchwork.  But they have a big “10” candle that will go in front of the hole and you won’t even be able to see it.

Here are some up close pictures.


We made each little girl that will be at the pool party.  Hannah is the one floating on the raft (it looks like a raft they own) and she is sparkly since “she’s the birthday girl”. 🙂  Amanda (our other sister) is the one in pink with blonde hair.

Hannah wanted to make sure it was realistic. So each girl has her own towel (in the color matching her swimsuit) waiting for when she gets out.  The little dog under the umbrella is Katie, their puppy.  And the little lifesavors are little rings to throw in the water and find.
I had sooo much fun making this cake with Hannah.  I think she completely enjoyed herself also.  Amanda is looking forward to coming over to make her birthday cake in January.  Joe also said that he wants a cake for his birthday in September…. his whole family at the beach…. we’ll see if that cake happens…..

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That is quite possibly the coolest cake ever! It’s so pretty and unique! It looks like fun just seeing it! 😀

Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Julie

Adorable! You are getting SO good at this. Maybe time to make it a business idea? Happy birthday Hannah!

Comment by CB

Really nice, Ninabeth!

I esp. like Katie lounging under the umbrella.

Comment by Rhonda in OK

Holy cow! I do not have the patience for this but it is awesome!!!

Comment by April

WOW! That is awesome…

Comment by Michele

This is really cute. I love that she helped with the cake and got so into the details. That’s what really makes decorating special & fun! I love it when I get to do creative cakes like this. You should submit to

Comment by zebe912

That is a “special” and “personalized” birthday cake – I’ve never seen a cuter one. Know her birthday was a happy time and she will always remember her tenth b’day

Comment by RoRo

How cute! Hannah is one lucky little girl to have you in her life! 🙂 A cake she will always remember.

Comment by megan

That is the most adorable cake ever – I love it!! It sounds like a great part too – hope she has/had a blast. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for stopping by my site – nice to see you. Have a good weekend – Kellan

Comment by Kellan

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