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Cupcake Flavors?
June 5, 2008, 10:19 am
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I am at a lost on what to cook, so I’m drawing on all my faithful viewers (all 5 of you 🙂 ) to help me out.  I’m going to a party this weekend.  I’m wanting to bring a dessert, cupcakes I think.  But I can’t think of what flavors I should make.  (This is where you all come in..) Post me a comment with your favorite cupcake flavor (cake and icing).  The winning combo will get a special surprise in the mail from me.   I have to make these tonight, so comment today!

Edited to Add:  This is an outside party.  So, it will probably be pretty warm.

Ready, Set, Comment! 🙂 


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Hands down, the best cupcakes I’ve ever had:

..especially since strawberries are coming into season!

Comment by Kelly

cherry cupcakes (with large-ish bits of cherry) and vanilla frosting…the kind with real vanilla beans…yummmm…. 😀

Comment by jennifer

I say Strawberry and white chocolate like Clara made!

Comment by KRMWV

is it an inside party or an outside party?
If it’s inside I think something rich and decadent (I might suggest my peanut butter cuppies)
if it’s outside…something light..maybe CB’s lemon cuppies?

Comment by Suzy Q-zy

chocolate espresso cupcakes with mascarpone icing – also known as tiramisu cupcakes – a winner every time

Comment by Megan

Agree with Suzy. Inside or outside?

Inside party: I want decadent. Chocolate!

Outside party: Something fun. Maybe smores!

Comment by CB

Great suggestions so far!! I love them. I edited to add that this will be an outside party.

Comment by NinaBeth

White chocolate cupcakes with lemon curd filling and raspberry flavored frosting

Comment by Misty

I have really been wanting to try CBs strawberry with lemon frosting cupcakes. I also have a recipe for banana choclate chip ones that I just don’t seem to have the time to make but sound amazing.

Comment by bbkiddo


Comment by rachel

I’m never good at making these sort of decisions…

but I think a smores cupcake sounds delicious…
or something fruityy since it’s outside… lemon or orange or strawberry… maybe with vanilla or almond frosting?

I’m no help, but i hope you find your answers from one of these posts!

Comment by Julie

I am with the lemon people, nothing like lemon flavor cup cakeys in the summer!!!

Comment by Kyla

I made these white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting that have become my new favorite.

Comment by Stephanie

I love peanut butter and jelly cupcakes!!!

Comment by Kat Graz

I think that strawberry lemonade cupcakes would be great with vanilla frosting. Or my favorite old stand by peanut butter with chocolate frosting

Comment by Jen

i’m late commenting on this, i know. but if you didn’t make them for this last party you went to, strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing with sprinkles are my favorite and always what i bring to parties. people always go nuts. 🙂

Comment by Karen

chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. The frosting is not to peanutty and very light and fluffy, and creamy and delicous.

Comment by alex

whenever i need inspiration on cupcakes i check out cupcake blog. It is not being updated any longer but the posts and recipes are still there.

Comment by zakia

[…] Cupcake Flavors? […]

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