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Cake Class!
May 14, 2008, 8:44 am
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I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks what we’ve been learning in cake class, but that’s because it took us 2 weeks to make this cake!


We each had a layer to decorate.  I got to decorate the top 2 layers.  The swags and I weren’t getting along very well, but I looooved doing the stringwork with royal icing.

We were going to take a group picture with the cake, but my stupid batteries died… oh well, we’ll get a group picture tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are making a Whimsical (Topsy Turvy) cake. 


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Wow. What a gorgeous cake! You totally outdid yourself. Personally I think the top 2 layers are the best ones 😉 You have kicked my butt and surpassed my knowledge in the cake decorating contest. Great job!

Comment by CB

It looks great! I can’t wait to see how the topsy turvy cake turns out!

Comment by Kristina

Pretty!! String work is a pain in my….I hate it. I think you’ve got a head start on your topsy turvy cake with those ruffles on the top layer 😉 Just kidding.

Comment by zebe912

And wait, no one told me there was a cake decorating contest 😦 I suppose i got disqualified for prior knowledge or something.

Comment by zebe912

What in the world is string work. Your roses are beautiful – at least I recognized roses!

Comment by RoRo

wow nina. that is way impressive. excellent work!!

Comment by andrea

Gorgeous cake – that would be soooo much fun 🙂

Comment by Natalie

BEAUTIFUL! You go girl! 😀

Comment by Julie

CB: I highly doubt that I’m better than you, we just make bigger cakes in our class. No more sissy 2 layer cakes. 🙂

Kristina: Thanks, me too, I’m excited for it!

Zebe: It’s not a real contest, we are just both doing the same level of classes.

Ro: The string work are the curved lines near the top of each layer right above the ruffles.

Andrea, Natalie, Julie: Thanks!!

Comment by NinaBeth

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