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Graduation/Wedding Cake!
May 8, 2008, 1:46 pm
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I am so sorry that I have had a recent blogging drought of sorts.  Work has been crazy and I’ve been busy almost every night this week with something or other…. in fact, I don’t think I’ve cooked dinner since Sunday, yikes!

Our student worker is leaving us tomorrow… somethin about she’s graduating and getting married?  I don’t know, I think she should stay here longer, but she doesn’t seem to agree with me…. 🙂  So, I was forced nominated to make her a cake for her party.  At first I was really nervous, I haven’t made a cake “for a purpose” yet.  Mainly I’ve just been playing around for family members… the pressure is on!

I developed a plan and started to work.  First I placed 2 9×13 cakes side by side and tapered the edges.


A little buttercream and some decorative lines later and it’s starting to look like it’s suppossed to!


The finished product!

Finished Cake

Here is a close up of each side:



Bride… yes that’s a baby trying to climb up the cake. 🙂  We thought it was only appropriate to add her, since that is the #1 question that newlyweds get… trust me… I know.


Here is Shalynn with her cake.  Suprisingly, we really suprised her with the party!

Shay with cake

Oh yea, if you are in a hurry to dry fondant…. DON’T USE A FOOD DEHYDRATOR!  I read that it would work on a popular cake site and this is what I came home too…. 😥  Yes, those are remnants of the first rings and something that dripped through from an upper deck.

Melted Mess


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Looks great, Nina!

Comment by Rhonda a.k.a Nina's Momma

I love it!!! You are so creative. 🙂

Comment by Alanna

It looks wonderful. Great job!

Comment by Dawn

oh wow. I am in awe. You made that? fabu job chica! I am really impressed! I love the baby crawling up the side. Not-so-subtle-hint much? LOL

Comment by CB

Whats that brown thing crawliing over from the middle of the bride side? (not the baby, the thing in the middle)

Great job thought, very proffessional.

Comment by Jim

p.s. the baby looks very ethnic…

Comment by Jim

Momma, Alanna, Dawn: Thanky!!

CB: Yup, I’ve come a long way eh? 🙂 We thought the baby was a good touch, however I did get “the look” from Shay. lol

Jim: The brown “blob” is supposed to be sand with their wedding date “drawn” into it. The baby is ethnic because her fiance is from Puerto Rico. 🙂

Comment by NinaBeth

How sweet of you to make that cake for her! she must have been thrilled!
Thanks for the fondant tip. I don’t even have a food dehydrator but I’ll remember not to try it! 😉

Comment by carrie

What an imagination you have. Clever use of the fondant.

Comment by RoRo

No, not that thing. The dark brown squiggly thing. What is that?

Comment by Jim

Oh, that’s suppossed to be a palm tree. 🙂

Comment by NinaBeth

Oh, okay, I can see that, kinda. See how good I am at NOT studying? Im haunting your blog to see what that brown thing (sorry, palm tree) was. Only kidding. The cake is really good, you should be proud. Im expecting all kinds of amazing things for my birthday cake. U comming to help me move next weekend? I think you should. It will be more fun than an ethnic bably climbing up a cake!

Comment by Jim

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Comment by homeowner insurance

Carrie: Yes, she was very excited about it. She was moving back home this weekend, so she took 3/4 of the cake home to share with her family.

RoRo: It was such fun to make.

Jimmy: Your comment had me cracking up. We’ll see about next weekend… however you know I’m not a big fan of moving, lol.

Comment by Ninabeth

Cool! I’m glad that it worked out. You have lots of cute details. Hint for the future, if you want it…use brown sugar to make the look of sand. If you pack it down a little then you can draw in it with a toothpick. Oh, and pretzel rods work really well for palm tree trunks! Great job!

Comment by zebe912

I am speechless. Your cake is awesome!!!

Comment by Julie

there are two types of food dehydrators ones that just cirulate air which would be good for fondant and ones that have a low heat setting to “dry” food and as you have noted is bad.

Comment by Temperance

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