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Cake Course 2, Class 1
April 18, 2008, 9:36 am
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Oh my goodness.  I am in love with my new teacher. (Okay, so probably not really, but she is ahmazing!)  I know this class is going to be great!  She has so much knowledge that she can share with us, I’m excited.

Tonight we didn’t make a cake, but instead we made flowers!

Here are my fondant calla lilies:

Calla Lillies

Here are my fondant Apple Blossoms:

Apple Blossoms

Here are my fondant violets:


Here are my gumpaste sweet peas:

Sweet Peas

My horrible fondant carnation:


And next week we are making a fondant bow.  We had to make the loops this week to allow them time to dry.  Make sure you check back next week to see the finished bow.

Fondant Loops

I love my flowers, but I have no idea to do with them.  I would feel horrible just throwing them away.   Any ideas on what to do with them? Leave me a comment.


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Make a cake and decorate it with the flowers…then feed it to people at work 🙂

Comment by KT

I am really impressed. You did a great job.

I guess you could have a party and decorate a cake with them.

Your calla lilies remind me of the ones in our yard in California, do you remember them?

Comment by Rhonda in OK

Beautiful! My last class of Course 1 is next week, I’m having so much fun, I can’t wait to move on!

Comment by Chelle

Awesome!! Those look amazing. Even your “horrible” carnation looked pretty fantastic. It’s amazing what you can do with cakes.

Maybe you could make a cute boquet for a small cake just for fun?! Anyone’s birthday coming up??

Comment by Jamie

I would say all the flowers are gorgeous, with the calla lily being my favorite. You surely have a knack for this cake decorating so keep on ‘icing”. My birthday is in November….

Comment by RoRo

I love all the flowers! We didn’t learn some of those in Wilton. Now I am jealous. Great job!

Comment by CB

Those flowers are gorgeous- great job! (I barely passed course one, I should really go back and try again, I love seeing all this awesome stuff!)

Comment by Anne

You’re supposed to decorate a cake with your flowers, silly. You can always top cupcakes with them too…

Comment by zebe912

Amazing! I am totally impressed. And now I really want to take a class. Thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by Karen

Those are boooootiful Nina! I know what you can do with those lovely little blooms. You can make a cake, put on the flowers, and send it to me!

Comment by andrea

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