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It’s Peep-tastic!
March 21, 2008, 8:37 am
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On Wednesday I was talking to Nikkiand KT (still blog-less 🙂 ) I told them I made marshmallow for my Cupcake Hero entry.  They both mentioned that I should make peeps with the marshmallows.  I almost have peeps already, I just need to cut them into cute shapes and sprinkle with sugar, why not!

Meet the Peeps.

First up we have Little Bunny Peep:

Bunny Peep

Next, Little Chickie Peep:

Chickie Peep

And lastly, we have Little Bo Peep’s Peep:


Decorating the peeps were definitely a challenge.  Some may even call it a peeps-capade.  I had to figure out how to make the details on the peeps. Melted chocolate of course! So I grabbed a ziploc baggie and melted some chips.  Everything was great in the world.  I was making record time placing the little eyes on the chickies, but oh no, wait…. what happened!


Yes, it was a gory sight.  These poor little chickies lost their lives due to a faulty ziploc bag.  (Note to self, don’t use Ziploc baggies to decorate with.  They will have a blowout at a very inconvenient time.)  So, me being the brillant person that I am (stop laughing) I decided to use my fancy decorating bags.  I inserted the coupler, put in the chips, microwaved for 1 minute.  I put on my Size 2 tip and began piping.  Success is mine once again!  Ouch, ouch crap! What is on this bag!  Shoot, I melted the bag along with the chocolate.  Oh well, it isn’t anything a little tape won’t cover.

ghetto bag

All in all, it was a great success.  They are sooooo much better than store bought peeps too.  Delicious!

(Yes mom, you will finally get to taste my homemade marshmallows on Easter. 🙂 )


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OMG NINA!! Send me some home-made peeps. They look delicious. My favorite is the little bo-peep’s peep! LOL.

Peeptastic! 😀

Comment by Jamie

OMG you put the bag in the microwave … you goof.

Comment by nikki

Jamie: You should make them, they are sooo delish!

Nikki: It seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂 At least I was smart enough to not put the metal tip in the microwave. 😉

Comment by NinaBeth

I want the bunny one!! So you cut the marshmallow with cookie cutter? Just plain granulated sugar? How did you color the sugar? and side note: “blow out” makes me think of something very narsty esp after seeing that turd like chocolate blob on your peeps. eewwww! HAHA.

Comment by CB

I can hardly wait for my peeps! They are all cute but I think the one with all the chocolate from the blow-out might be my favorite 🙂

Comment by Rhonda in OK

I LOVE them!!!

Comment by Alanna

Nina, the peeps are too, too cute your GM is extremely proud of you! Wish I could enter you in a First Year A Bride contest….

Comment by RoRo

Dibbs on that chocolate covered bunny Peep!

Comment by megan

Just read your blog again – the Peeps are adorable – such a clever girl you are.

Comment by RoRo

CB: Come to Oklahoma and I’ll save you a bunny one.

Mom: The blow-out is saved for you!

Alanna: Thank ya!

Ro: I’m so glad you like them. Wish you were here to try them,

Megan: The chocolate one was devine!

Comment by NinaBeth

I love your peeps. You are going to be the most popular mom on the street one day!!!

Nice manicure too!

xoxox Amy

Comment by familiabencomo

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