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Mr. Cuppycakes love’s me!
February 26, 2008, 9:26 am
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I was kind of bummed out that I had to work late last night.  And some friend were suppossed to come over last night also, but some stuff came up, so they had to cancel.  So as I was driving home, I wasn’t in the best of moods.  As I was drving up my driveway, I saw a cute little package perched on the the steps by the front door.  Now, whenever I get a package (it doesn’t matter what’s in it) I turn into a little kid on Christmas morning.  There is just something so special about people mailing you something.  I hurridly speed  drove cautiously and slowly into the garage, hopped out of my car and ran to the porch to see who my package was from!

I Heart Cuppycakes!  Ooooh, these must be the delicious Turtle Cuppycakes that were inspired by my Turtle Cheesecakes!  As, I read the cute letter she wrote, she also included one of her Red Wino and Chocolate Cuppycakes.  I think I hit the cuppycake jackpot!

When I opened to box and pulled off the filler paper, this is what I saw:


Those silly cupcakes, just won’t stay in their little holes in the cute boxes that CB bought.  I think maybe something needs to be attached to the bottom of the cupcakes (a cardboard disk or something) that way the cupcakes will stay put and not “go exploring”.

 My cupcakes!

So, needless to say, these aren’t the purdiest cupcakes when they got to me, but everything they lacked in beauty, they made up for in taste.  Delicious! 

 Thanks CB and Mr. Cuppycakes for the nice suprise.


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ohmygoodness. my poor cupcakes! 😦 I was hoping that freezing them would keep them looking all purdy. Back to the drawing board… Glad they tasted good though. 🙂

Comment by CB

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