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Gadget Exchange!
February 19, 2008, 3:53 pm
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A group of my friends who like to refer to ourselves as “Jknotties” have exchanges once a month.  Mostly it’s been baked goods, but this month we decided to exchange gadgets!  We use an amazing website called Elfster to match us up.  That way nobody knows who anyone has.  You can also ask your person anonymous questions. 

My match this month was soo much fun!  She challenged me that if I could figure out who she was before she sent the package, I would get something extra.  I could ask 1 question a day, Monday -Friday.  After many questions, I finally guess who she was, KT!  I was so excited that KT had drawn my name.  She is also doing Weight Watchers and I get to meet her in March.  She’s coming to visit me, um, I mean a work client, in Oklahoma in March!

KT did not disappoint!  She sent me 2 great Weight Watchers items and fun cupcake item.

KT's gifts

Measure-right spoons – These help with portion control.  Use them as serving spoons and you know exactly how much you are getting.  No more guesswork.  A Weight Watchers Dessert cookbook. Desserts are what I miss most about my old eating habits.  This cookbook has some delicious looking recipes.  I’ll keep ya posted as I make them. 🙂

Cupcake Stencils

She also got me some really cute Spring-y cupcake stencils.  I’ve always wanted cupcake stencils, but I always thought they were too expensive to by myself.  I’m so glad KT indulged me!

Thanks for everything KT!!!


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Me so jealous!! me want cupcake thingamabobs! Dang I better get on the ball with my gifts… eep!

Comment by CB

Yay!!! I must confess….I knew before you knew…teehee! I’ve been excited to see how excited you got! 🙂 KT truly rocks.

Comment by Alanna

How fun! That spoon is awesome. I just started WW again yesterday. Glad to know there are more of you out there~

Comment by BBKiddo

CB: Hands off, they’re mine. 🙂

Alanna: You knew and didn’t tell me… Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets are for everyone! 😉

BB: There are a few of us that are doing WW. KT knows everything! Let me know if you find and great recipes or snacks.:)

Comment by NinaBeth

Yay…you are so welcome. I loved buying for a fellow WW!!! I must admit…I bought a set of cupcake stencils for myself too…they were just too cute to resist!

Comment by KT

KT: These were the perfect gifts coming at the perfect time. You’re the best!

Comment by NinaBeth

An exchange, how fun. And you got great stuff :o)
Love the cuppy stencils. Now you have to make ww cupcakes!

Comment by megan

Megan: Exchanges are so much fun! I love the excitement of getting something in the mail. WW cupcakes are definetly on the agenda.

Comment by NinaBeth

YOU and your friends are crazy, wild, maybe too much so for my feeble 75 year old mind to hardly absorb it all – However, it is great entertainment to TRY, so keep on keeping on!!!

Comment by RoRo

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