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Happy Birthday Zerbie!
February 15, 2008, 11:21 am
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Many people wonder how I came to own a Doberman Pinscher.  So here is Zerbie’s story. 🙂

Two years ago in May my roommate was about to move out.  I didn’t really want to find a new roommate, so I decided to live by myself for a year until John graduated College and we got married.  One of my brothers, Bobby, worked for the local animal shelter at the time.  I told him I was looking for a puppy that could protect me.  Two days later, he called me and said he had a 3 month old Doberman that I should get.  John and I went the next day to look at her.  We were a little apprehensive since I had never thought I wanted a large dog, but my brother assured me she’d only be about 50-60 lbs full grown.  So we took her home to get her cleaned up. 

Zerbie's first bath

I should’ve been worried when we took her to the vet in August to get her fixed and she already weighed 50 lbs at just 7 months old, but I didn’t think about it.  She just kept growing and growing.  We think she has finally reached the end of her growing spurt at close to 100 lbs!  She is a small horse!  But she is so full of love and happiness I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

 Since she is a shelter puppy, we don’t know her exact birthday.  We got her the middle of May and she was 3 months old, so we decided to make it Valentine’s Day!  So, in honor of her birthday, I’ll show you some pictures. 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday Zerbie!

Pictures after the break. 🙂 

Back when she was still small.

Zerbie in John's truck 

Zerbie made John a puzzle to solve the morning of our wedding.

Zerbie's PuzzleZerbie puzzle 

Zerbie and I

Zerbie and I

What’s a birthday without gifts!  Here are her gifts and John’s Valentine’s gifts.


John had to help her open her gifts.

 Zerbie opening


I love my new tug rope!!



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My pup just celebrated his 2nd birthday on the 11th!!

Comment by Deborah

Aww – Happy Birthday Zerbie!

Comment by KRMWV

HolyCrap that is a BIG DOG! So cute though 🙂

Comment by BBKiddo

LOL BB! Yes, she is quite large. If she wants to she can put her front feet on my shoulders…. while I’m standing up.

Comment by NinaBeth

baby zerbie on the car floor is so UBER cute!! I am with BB. Your dog could probably eat me! haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERBIE! 🙂

Comment by CB

Fifty-sixty pounds – expect your brother is still laughing!!!

Comment by RoRo

Happy birthday to Zerbie!!! She is just gorgeous.

Comment by Cakelaw

I love Zerbie….So cute!!! Happy birthday!!!

You’ve been tagged…see my blog!

Comment by Alanna

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