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Crazy Valentine’s Festivities!
February 15, 2008, 10:27 am
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So, by now all my crazy ideas and adventures don’t shock John, thankfully.   He’s been very good at just “going with the flow” with whatever I ask him to do.  This is going to be very important later in the post. 🙂

While talking with my friends earlier, Lorena mentioned that Old Navy had their Valentine’s sleepwear 50% off.  I hadn’t gotten John a gift yet, so I thought I’d run by Old Navy at lunch and see what they had.  I found the cutest, I mean very manly, heart pj pants.  Much to my suprise they had both John’s and my size!  So, I grabbed both and headed to the check-out line.  I started thinking about Zerbie, she needed something with hearts too.  I went to the dog section, but it was all in midget dog sizes, nothing for her.  So, sadly I headed back to the check-out line.  While waiting in line, I saw a rack of men’s boxers in the same heart pattern.  My mind started racing, hmm, maybe I can make a bandana with a pair of boxers! So, I picked up the biggest size and went on my way. 

When I got back to work I persuaded my boss to let me leave a couple of hours early so I’d have time to convert the boxers into a bandana before John got home.  I called my mom (she has a sewing machine, I don’t… yet) to tell her my plan and make sure she’d be home.  I think she thought I was crazy!  Most people have that thought about me though….. 

Here are the boxers before I started cutting:


 My mom and I sat and thought about the best way to convert these.  We decided to cut them in hald cutting out the fly (Is that really what it’s called?  That’s the only name I know for it, lol), waistband and middle seam.  We left the leg seam and the bottom intact.  Then we sewed the 2 pieces together.  Then we straightened up the sides to make a rectangle and you have a doggie bandana!

Zerbie bandana

 Remember earlier about saying John is so good about going with all my crazy ideas?  Here is proof that he is one great hubby! 

 My Family

John also suprised me with a little teddy bear and some roses.



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Nina – this might be THE cutest thing ever!!!! I mean, my kids are cute, but come ON! Zerbie in matching pj’s with you guys?! That is WAY up there on the cuteness scale. You are so creative – you will make such a good mommy someday. : )

Comment by April

Nina, you are the cutest!!! I love the idea. 🙂 And how great of J to humor you! 🙂

Comment by Alanna

Omg that is adorable! Too cute

Comment by nikki57

omg. cutest valentines’ family portrait ever! Me have POTB so bad now.

Comment by CB

The three of you surely had a colorful and heart-fully Valentines celebration! I’m so happy you are happy. Since I didn’t get a Valentine to you, maybe a Easter-tine will be coming your way. I love you all so very much.

Comment by RoRo

Hahahahaha. I love the bandana, but I think Z wearing doggie boxer/pjs would have been pretty funny too!

Comment by zebe912

LOL – Zerbie looks so cute in the bandana, and you are very lucky to have a sweet guy like John.

Comment by Cakelaw

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