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Coupons are great!
January 14, 2008, 4:41 pm
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A couple weeks ago, one of my friends posted that coupons don’t save her money.  How she mentioned using them, I understand why she thinks this… But they do save you money!!  I made an unplanned trip to Walmart at lunch today to get some ingredients for some bran muffins I was craving (I’ll post about them tomorrow).  I knew I needed All Bran cereal, Total, buttermilk, some spray butter, and applesauce.  While I was looking for coupons, I also found some for Keebler and Live Active cheese, so I added those to my list too.

Here is everything I bought for only $5.82!

Shopping Trip 

So, here’s my breakdown:

Total Cereal – normally 2.34, I price matched it from another store for $.99, but I had a $1 coupon so it was free! 

100 Calorie pack – onsale for 1.97, I had a $1.00 coupon for any Keebler product, so $.97! 

Live Active Cheese – 2.77 each.  I bought 2 packages and had 2 $2 coupons.  There is also a rebate for the purchase price, so I will get a refund for 5.54, which means I received $4 for buying the cheese. 

My total price for the shopping trip was only $5.82!  Thank you coupons!

 Like I said earlier, this was just the money I saved on a spontanous shopping trip.  I only used printable coupons found online.  Had I planned futher in advance I could’ve found coupons for the butter and All Bran cereal I’m sure.


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You did great, little girl!
your momma is proud of you.

Comment by Rhonda

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