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Santa Claus is coming to town…
January 2, 2008, 8:48 am
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Since it’s so far after Christmas, I couldn’t decide if I still wanted to blog about my Christmas cookies, but my friends all assured me they wanted to read about them, so here they are… just pretend like you’re reading this 2 weeks ago. 🙂 

Santa Claus cookies are a long time tradition in my family.  RoRo (my grandma) has been making Santa cookies for as long as I remember.  Last year my mother got me the Santa cookie cutter so I could make my own Santa cookies.  I called RoRo earlier this week for the instructions on how to make these cookies. I had almost talked myself out of making them since they are so time consuming, but then my brother, Bobby, called and begged me to make him Santa cookies.  So, 92 hours later (okay, so it didn’t take quite that long) I had 52 picture perfect Santa cookies.

Santa SpreadYou have to have the Santa cookie cutter from Aunt Chick.  It comes in a set with a warrior head.  What does Santa and a warrior have in common?  I haven’t a clue….  Here is a picture of the cookie cutter


Red food coloring2 egg whitesRed colored sugarWhite icingShredded coconutMelted chocolate in piping bag2 small paintbrushesAn offset spatulaAdd a couple of drops of red food coloring to the egg whites to make the egg whites red. These cookies are very time consuming to decorate. 

It works a lot faster if you make an assembly line instead of doing each cookie individually. 

1. Take your cookie and paint the hat with the red egg whites.  Then roll into the red sugar.  Then paint the checks with the red egg whites. 

2. Dip the second paint brush into the food coloring jar and paint a smile on Santa.

 Santa 1

3. Using the offset spatula spread white frosting over Santa’s beard.  Then dip in coconut. 

4. Put some of the white frosting in a piping bag and put a dollop of icing on the end of the hat for the white ball, then roll in coconut.  Then, draw on Santa’s eyebrows with the icing.

 Santa 2

5. With the chocolate in the piping bag draw Santa’s eyes.  Remember this cookie cutter is of a happy Santa so his eyes are squinty, not round.

Santa 3


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I love them! I don’t care that Christmas is over – now I want to make these!

Comment by Deborah

Wow girl! These look awesome! I wouldn’t have the patience. : )

Comment by April

RoRo is so very proud of her Precious Angel who made 52 Santa cookies at the request of her brother. Great and beautiful work!!!

Comment by RoRo

Pa likes them too “awesome”…..

Comment by RoRo

WOW! You did all those cookies?!? They are beautiful!…………..huh, where’s mine? (wink)

Comment by the Old Lady Next Door

These are the same cookies my family has been making since the 50’s. As far as I can see there is just one tiny difference, ours have slivers of raisins for eyes. You just cut one in half and kind of roll it between your fingers to shape it into a crescent and then stick it in the dough before baking. Love them!

Comment by Amy

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