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Nativity Scenes
November 29, 2007, 9:02 am
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Okay, by now maybe some of you are realizing how much I love Christmas.  I realized that I have made a few Christmas posts, but none about the reason why we celebrate.  So, I will change that this morning.  Here is my huge nativity set.

entire nativity set

This nativity set belong to my great-grandmother (Mimi).  She passed away several years ago and my mom got her nativity set, I have sinced talked my mother into letting me “borrow” it.  (I’ve had it for 4 years now.)  This nativity is handpainted ceramic.  Mabel Fonger painted it in 1961. We have no idea who Mabel is, but she did a wonderful job with the set.


 Here is Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.

Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus

I know, I know, my nativity scene isn’t Biblicaly accurate.  I usually don’t put the wisemen with the nativity (they are usually on a table or something on the other side of the room), but I didn’t have anywhere else to put them this year.  So, please forgive me this once. 🙂


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I love it…it makes it even more special because of who’s it was and to have the name of the lady that did it and the date, that’s cool. Looks great!

Comment by the Old Lady Next Door

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