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John’s Office
October 1, 2007, 12:52 pm
Filed under: Decorating

John has basically been a nomad for the past 4 years. Starting his freshman year of college (4 years ago) his schedule has been: In August move into the fraternity house, mid December move home, mid-January move back into the fraternity house, May move into a house then in August the whole cycle starts over, for the past 4 years. One of the things he said to me when he moved all his stuff into my (I mean our house) was “I’m so glad I have a home now.” When he moved in, our current office became the dumping grounds for everything. I should have taken a picture of it, but I thought about that too late. So I did a suprise makeover of our office one Friday night. My mom and I got this desk at the Salvation Army for $25! All it need was a good coat of paint. So, this is “his” room now. I still need to add some more pictures to the grouping above the desk, but it’ll work for now. (don’t pay any attention the the sign on the door, John’s already made fun of me because I misspelled ‘surprise’)


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I LOVE IT and the ‘surprise’…you did a really good job on the room and the desk looks great!
Good job!

Comment by Mrs. Nateq

Wow Nina, the office looks great! I was not expecting that desk to look so good. It is amazing what some spray paint can do….

Comment by Rhonda in OK

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